Total in Ningbo: Committed to Sustainability for a Better Future

In line with Total’s global vision and technological advances, as the subsidiary of Total Refining and Petrochemical Oriental, Total Refining & Chemicals in Ningbo is committed to be a leader in sustainability among the industries in China. We strive to effectively reduce effluents and emissions, while optimizing energy efficiency.

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    Operators on the site of the Polymers plant in Ningbo

  • Ningbo RC Plant

    Refining & Chemicals Ningbo produces Polystyrene while protecting the environment

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    Polymers plant in Ningbo

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  • Ningbo plant1_EN
  • Ningbo RC Plant
  • Ningbo plant2

Advancing Processing Technology and Design to Minimize Effluents and Achieve Zero VOC Emissions

In 2014 Ningbo-Total China started up a polystyrene plant in Ningbo, located at the Petrochemical Economic & Technological Development Zone in Zhenhai District. While contributing to the local economic development, Total Refining & Chemicals Ningbo has always put environmental sustainability in its core values. By applying Total’s polystyrene processing technology in our operations, we have achieved near-zero wastewater discharge. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are collected and burned in oil furnaces, as required by local regulations, to prevent their release into the atmosphere. Using bellows sealed valves and double mechanical sealed pumps keeps fugitive emissions to a minimum, to achieve near-zero VOC emissions. As a result, the production process both benefits the local economy and shrinks our environmental footprint.

Optimizing Heat Recovery to Reduce Energy Consumption 

We operate a petrochemical plant equipped with state-of-the-art energy technology. Our responsibilities include enhancing energy efficiency, a trait that has been built in from day one. The plant incorporates architectural features to reduce energy use. We use advanced heat recovery system (VAC system), to recover the energy from heat transfer fluid, produce chilled water for process usage. This reduces the energy consumption of electric chillers. Every detail has been carefully thought out to curb energy use while improving performance.

Big Goal Bright Future

Committed to sustainability and energy efficiency in China, we continue to apply our professional approach to managing health and safety at work. The facility is fully compliant with local laws and regulations, as well as our own standards, which have even stricter requirements. We implement Total’s MAESTRO* health, safety and environment management system, to make operations even more efficient, safer and healthier. However, we will not just stop here. The new Ningbo plant, together with the Foshan plant acquired in 2003, offer a combined production capacity of 400,000 tons per year. Our goal is to be the leader of high-end polystyrene leader in Asia for providing better polymers to our customers.

*MAESTRO: An internal safety system which used by Total refining & chemical worldwide.


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