29/04/2015 - News

Safety is Always by Your Side - 2015 Total Road Safety Training Kicks off in Beijing

CSR-students signing on the banner

With the theme of “Safety is Always by Your Side“ the 2015 Total Road Safety Training kicked off in Beijing on 14 April 2015. Children from Beijing Ganluyuan Elementary School participated in the training programs and learned the knowledge of safety through road safety lectures, safety knowledge games and safety puzzle games. Long an active player in road safety, Total was the first enterprise to promote children's road safety education in China and this programme has been running over the last 6 years. In 2015, the programme will be greatly upgraded in terms of both programme level and communication model. To celebrate the 6-year milestone of the programme and the first station of 2015, Mr. Bertrand de La Noue, General Representative of Total in China and Ms. Wang Weihua, President of Beijing Ganluyuan Elementary School joined the programme.

“As a responsible corporate citizen, Total believes that providing better energy to car owners is our professional commitment, but fostering a safer road culture is embedded in our social responsibility.  Since Total entered China, we have been continuously improving the energy efficiency and quality of our products, and we have paid great attention to the sustainability and return to Chinese society. As a CSR project, influencing on-road behaviour through the training programme is our target. We will continue the programme to reach more children and families in the future.” Mr. Bertrand de La Noue, General Representative of Total in China mentioned in his speech.

Total is committed to protecting children from the dangers of road traffic by making them aware of the dangers ever since its introduction of the Road Safety Training in China in 2010. In 2015, Total Road Safety Training will improve its execution level and expand to 11 cities in Mainland China and equipping students with the knowledge of road safety in a pleasant and creative way.

Safety is Always by Your Side

In recent years, along with the improvement of Chinese living standards, children and their families in China are facing new safety hazards in their daily life. The 2015 Total Road Safety Training upgraded the whole lecture focusing not only on road safety, but also combining this with the safety knowledge of the children which they will face in their daily lives. Through road safety lectures, safety knowledge games and safety puzzle games, children will develop the skills to protect themselves and others.

6-Year Programme, 20,000 Children Benefitted

Since 2010, Total Road Safety Training has benefitted over 6,000 children and families in 16 cities through 86 training courses. The programme also gained positive feedback from government, schools, teachers, parents and children.  In 2015, the programme is for the first year in collaboration with the regional Education Bureau, and with their support, the Total Road Safety Training book will be donated and dispatched to children from more than 10 schools who are not able to join the onsite event. Total believe that through the new corporation model, more children and families will benefit.

Since Total’s business setup in Mainland China, Total has always focused on corporate social responsibility, which includes sustainable energy, education support, culture promotion and healthcare. All these not only present Total’s top brand image, but also reflect Total’s responsibility and long-term commitment to Chinese society.