02/04/2015 - News

Keep your Engine Younger for Longer-New Tagline launched with RobotQuartz III in April

Robot Quartz

With great success achieved by the RobotQuartz I in Y2012 and II in Y2013-2014, now Total Lubricant China is launching a new advertising campaign for its TOTAL QUARTZ automotive lubricants range with the promise to ‘Keep your engine Younger for Longer’. This campaign highlights Total’s technical progress in developing lubricants that put cutting-edge technology in the service of cars and their drivers. It also marks the triumphant return of RobotQuartz to the screens of China on 15 April 2015.

The new TVC features the adventures of RobotQuartz. In the film, he demonstrates his endurance, his ability to resist extreme cold and hot temperatures, his vigor and his youth – all thanks to TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants. TOTAL QUARTZ protects the engines of our cars against intense, repetitive strains under any condition by reducing friction, corrosion and deposits.