21/07/2015 - Press release

Chinese Racing Driver MA Qinghua, Sponsored by Total Lubricants (China), Received His Second Individual Championship 2015 WTCC in Portugal


Beijing, 13st July. End of the European portion of the 2015 WTCC season in Portugal, the team CITROEN -TOTAL has been witnessed as the biggest winner. In Race 1, José María López, 2014’s world champion, obtained the victory again. In Race 2, Chinese racing driver Ma Qinghua took the crown in an easy way. This is the second victory for him since 2014 WTCC in Moscow. The Chinese national anthem resounded through again around the competition field.

In Portugal, as the last station for the European battlefield of WTCC this year, the team CITROEN -TOTAL, made its goal as taking the first two places in both rounds. MA Qinghua showed great strength in Race 1. During the race in Villa Real, where it is hard to overtake, Ma Qinghua improved his ranking by four places in lap 1, and finally ended with the sixth place. Through competition of 13 laps, José María López from team CITROEN -TOTAL and “Road Master” Sebastien Loeb successively made the first and the second.

In Round 2, the local famous driver Tiago Monteiro bid to squeeze between LADA drivers Catsburg and Jaap van Lagen ended in a heavy collision, he finally withdraw from the race. However, Ma Qinghua from pole position was not affected by the accident, and retained the first position stably. Catsburg, at the third place in the beginning, became embroiled in a collision with Norbert Michelisz and Sébastien Loeb, continued only to crash heavily in lap 13, which resulted in the race being stopped early. It was announced that Ma Qinghua, 5s ahead of Yvan Muller, won the championship.

Ma Qinghua has said, “I am greatly honored to participate in this world-class tournament event to represent Chinese racing. This is a professional team with the support of the leading lubricants brand, TOTAL, and I believe I can forge new ground!” Ma Qinghua expressed his thankfulness to the team after the competition: “I did everything quite good and the team too to make everything happen. I did a good start and I am really happy. Thanks everybody, especially to my team CITROEN -TOTAL and my engineer. They have done an excellent job.”

Chinese racing driver Ma Qinghua showed his excellent performance in two rounds of the finale of WTCC in Europe. The winning of second champion strongly demonstrates his capability. After this race, the team CITROEN -TOTAL has won 14 victories in 16 rounds of match, which lays foundation for the team to be the strong candidate for 2015 WTCC championship. Meanwhile, as the first Chinese racing driver who wins the victory  in European portion of the 2015 WTCC, Ma Qinghua will compete in WTCC (Shanghai) at the end of September, under the fully support of Total Lubricants (China).   

TOTAL has established strong experiences in the world leading competitions, like F1, WRC, WEC and Dakar, possesses rich event marketing experience. As the global strategic partner of Citroen, TOTAL has solid cooperation with Citroen for many years. In 2014, the team CITROEN -TOTAL, led by Jose Mariano López and Sébastien Loeb won many victories in WTCC and successfully achieved the annual championship title. TOTAL will continuously support the team CITROEN -TOTAL as well as Chinese racing driver Ma Qinghua this year. Let us give the team CITROEN -TOTAL best wish beforehand in 2015 WTCC for the championship.