16/06/2015 - Press release

Affection in Qinghai, Care for Children in Need-Total Desks & Chairs Donation Action

affection in Qinghai

On June 10, 2015, Total Lubricants China Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Total’) joined hands with Warm Current Fund to make caring donation to donate 320 sets of desks and chairs to Waxi Nationality Primary School in Xining, Qinghai. Total has carried out the activity of ‘Affection in Qinghai, Care for Children in Need’ for three years. Since September 2013, Total has donated more than 66,000 free lunches to more than 180 teachers and students of Waxi Nationality Primary School in two continuous years. In September 2014, Mr. Patrice DEVEMY, Managing Director of Total Lubricants China led Total’s corporate social responsibility team to Xining again, and brought the winter overcoats and some teaching appliances to the teachers and students to help them to resist coldness of winter and enrich the after-class activities of the students.

Waxi Nationality Primary School is a Tibetan school located in De Heng Long Township, Hua Long County, Xining, Qinghai. The school recruits the Tibetan students of the local village and peripheral counties and townships, such as Yu Shu. The original schoolhouse sits in the mountains with poor traffic condition, and students have to spend five hours on their way to school, which adds a lot of trouble to the poor students. With the help of warm-hearted people from all circles and under the leadership of the merciful president, through two-year preparation, the new schoolhouse was put into use in this later May, and the enrollment size of the school will be increased from 160 students to about 320 students, which will benefit more needy schoolchildren.

Total has paid continuous attention to the development of those children. When knowing that the original school desks and chairs were broken after the use for long time and cannot be used again, Total called upon all distributors of two brands, ELF and Total, and all its 550 staff immediately to participate in the caring donation action and all the raised money was used to purchase the new desks and chairs, which was under the strict supervision of Warm Current Fund to do the statistics and sum-up. And through this visit Total finally donated the desks and chairs to Waxi Nationality Primary School to improve the teaching environment and help them to get better development. Mr. Patrice DEVEMY also led Total’s volunteers to the Tibetan area in Xining and delivered warmness to the needy schoolchildren. And the successful completion of this action hears the call of Total’s series public benefit activities throughout the year.

Mr. Patrice DEVEMY, Managing Director of Total Lubricants China attended and addressed on the school opening ceremony. The ceremony started with a Tibetan dance made by Tibetan schoolchildren, and the president of the school and Mr. Patrice DEVEMY successively made speeches soon afterwards. Mr. Patrice DEVEMY expressed that, “Total has its businesses in China for more than 20 years. In those years, Total has not only got considerable development in Chinese market but also paid continuous attention to the establishments of China’s public welfare. Total has cooperated with Free Lunch Fund for twice to assist poor children in improving living condition, so as to fulfill our enterprise social responsibility. Total also hopes to call upon more enterprises to participate in public welfare establishments through Total’s own actions. Open your heart to help more needy schoolchildren to get the right of education, and improve their teaching environment through donations to make them study and live under a comfortable environment just as the students in big cities”. The successful visit makes people see Total’s actual practice on public welfare establishments again.

At the interactive class in the afternoon, the members of Total’s volunteers not only brought students with professional badminton facilities but also gave a fascinating badminton enlightenment course. After Total announced a landmark of 3-year partnership with World Badminton Federation (hereinafter referred to as ‘BWF’) to be the title sponsor for the major events, this course is not only the continuance of Sudirman Cup BWF World Mixed Team Championships which was successfully completed in May in Dongguan co-held by Total and BWF, but also a good chance to introduce the national sport to the children in remote regions. Total hopes kids love the sport through the course and makes them all-round developed talents in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labor education apart from building their bodies.

Focusing on public welfare establishments is always the corporate value of Total. And the love donation action lifts the value to a new height. Total believes that, with the call of Total, an increasing number of people and enterprises will pay attention to needy schoolchildren, help them to improve living conditions, and make them grow happily.